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What a f***ed up day!?! It started this morning when I only slept around 4 am when I have to catch a bus to class at 8 am in KJ station. Then we had Design class which was pretty interesting. And there wuz like 15 riddles we had to solve in the class. Then this guy asked me for answers. But then HE passed all of MY answers as his own when the lecturer asked for answers. He quickly yelled out all MY answers when the lecturer asked d question. Felt like smacking him…HARD!!

Feeling pretty frustrated today actually. Spent the whole afternoon planning to go out tonight but plan after plan was cancelled. First planned to stay in Subang with Isla, Heidi & Debbie and go out with them tonight. Then Isla smsed saying the rest dont want to go. Then planned of stayin in a hotel wif Andre, Sids & Erin. Den after checking online and calling around 5-6 hotels that were fully booked or too expensive, I finally found a perfect one. Then Erin said dont want coz too mahal (?!?!? RM 36 a nite is mahal? Oh well,dats d life of a student….owez broke…i understand). Den the next backup plan (the 3rd one) was for Pam to stay wif us instead of Erin. Problem is that she can only confirm after 4 pm. So there goes my plan to meet up with Isla and the rest in KLCC around 2 pm coz I need to get a confirmation. But around 3.30pm wanted to still meet up with Isla dey ol so called them to ask where are they…they said they were at Petaling street and would be going to Midvalley so I told them to c0ntact me when they were on their way to Midvalley.

At around 4.10 got news that Pam cant make it. Damn…….

Then Heidi smsed saying it rained in Petaling Street and they were all wet and were going home. At that point of time, i wuz cursing under my breath already then I got so fed up I juz went to sleep and didnt want to contact anyone already.

Somehow I think of Lola….missing her like crazy….feel like crying when i think of the times we always hang out together. Even if we couldnt get transport home after clubbing we juz chilled out together and went for breakfast the next morning before taking the morning bus back to hostel.

Lola bebeh….I mizz u like I’ve never missed anyone else before….

{except grace & J lah}


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