Full of antibiotics

I’ve been having this persistent pain in my lower jaw since 3 days ago. Ask everyone around me, I have been complaining about sakit gigi. Well, its actually in my gums. My wisdom teeth is growing and its hurting me like crazy. Very very painful especially when i swallow my saliva.

Finally went to this dentist at SS2 today. Lucky I brought the bf’s PSP (he left it in the car that day. his loss, my gain :P) so I could continue my Crisis Core while i waited for four hours. Yep, FOUR hours. My fault la juga, didn’t do appointment so had to wait for everyone to finish. Lots of ppl summore. Nine people before me. Mostly old chinese folks. There was this one uncle snoring in the waiting room. LOL!

Its been a while since I’ve been to a dentist actually. So it was a good time to check if i needed any fillings and what not. The dentist was really nice (even tho his clinic is supposed to close at 6pm but I got called in only at 7pm and thr was 2 ppl behind me). He was kinda shocked to see my gums were so swollen because of infection.

So he gave me painkillers, anti swelling medicine and antibiotics. This one, he asked me to take one when going back, then if I have no allergic reaction, take another 2 hrs later and finally one more before I sleep. Yea..pumped full of antibiotics. Not only that, Im on a soft diet for a few days coz can’t chew anyway.

My head feels heavy so im going to sleep. Have a good weekend people~


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