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Funny how u can SO misunderstood

I sent off an email to a blogger because I was having problems with a blog comment. Me (being stupidly naive) thought there was something up with the Haloscan because a few of my other friends have the same problem, so i emailed the blog owner as follows:

Dear Madam,

I was wondering if your Haloscan comments were in top working order. This is because I have commented numerous times but none of them seem to appear after a day or so. I hope that they were not accidently deleted because I kno that other people gave the exact same comment as mine and were not deleted.

Thank you for your time

And the result was the comment *points at first comment by Ms Intan* Is it just me, or is the writer of the comment…no, not the copy-paste-er…being defensive? Plus, wouldnt the writer of that comment be pissed off at the copy-paste-er for copypasting her comments without her permission?

I dont kno what makes people look at everything in such a negative way so much so that an innocent email is viewed so differently, for example: viewed as a direct accusation or threat or pointing fingers at someone.

Do you think i really CARE whether or not the comment is deleted? I wouldnt give a rat’s ass!! I just wanted to inform the blog owner if there were any problems in her comment box because I had that problem once when using Haloscan. Which is why I dont use it anymore (plus i had a hard time implementing it into my current template)

Oh well, cant help what people think especially if they come from the older generation….


  • intan

    Mak Andeh said…

    Relax Oren – itu semua kerja budak-budak tak cukup akal. Sekolah ajer tinggi 2-3 tingkat, tapi akal pemikiran tang tu aje.

    Kalau I tak suka mana-mana komen atau tukang komen, I delete. Tak payah pening kepala nak fikir itu ini. Yang kelakar tu, ADA pulak yang tanya, kenapa delete komen dia ???

    Hahaha…aku punya suka lah. Blog aku.

    So nasihat I pada Oren – abaikan orang-orang yang tidak memberi kepentingan atau apa-apa kebaikan. Do not waste your energy with negative people. Macam you cakap, ramai yang menyokong dan memberi semangat.

    Masalah memang semua orang ada – cuma cara kita mengendalikannya itu berbeza. Maka terpulang pada kita lah macamana, kan ? Hidup kita, diri kita.

    You dont owe anybody any explanation nor apology.

    It’s your life, and you shall live it as you deemed fit.

    (Hah, kan dah speaking London pulak )

    btw : title tu sepatutnya berbunyi : DO I DESERVE IT ? :-)

    January 06, 2006 1:45 PM

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