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I have some friends who ask me what are my plans now that I’ve already graduated. The standard answer I’ll give is “dok umah tunggu org dtg meminang.” LOL! Yea rite! As if I want to get hitched so early. Not that I have any calon yet, so yea.

In all seriousness tho, the past few days has been filled with lots and lots of mamak sessions (sometimes even going out at 3am), clubbing nights out (and only coming home at 4-5am) and also sleeping (a girl needs her rest too :P).

This whole month I’m on a break from doing anything so this is my time to enjoy. In September I’ll be attending a two month course on PHP & MySQL sponsored by MDeC at KLCC. Perfect timing, I would say.

Will be going to PD on Friday night with the gang for Alang and Ira’s wedding. Sounds like its goinna be a huge sleepover with lots of ppl bunking in one aprt. LOL! Will be back Saturday night. On Sunday is another kenduri kawin of a forum friend in Cheras, then at night Cass P invited me for dinner at Ampang. Busy weekend ahead, I know.

Long term wise, my frens and I are planning to take a trip down to Langkawi (this one ntah jadi ke tak but I’m up for it) in mid Dec. Then end of Dec to the New Year I’m going to Kuching for my cousin’s wedding (kawin lagi?) with the family. And Jan-Feb next year is the trip to Koh Phangan with the girls.

Yes, busy busy months ahead :D

p/s: Its my birthday next month so do start saving for my present. LOL!

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