Gals nite out

First : An apology to the person who’s secret i terbocor kat blog. I mana
tau takleh britau benda mcm tu. sorry laa :( Post tu dah de-deletekan oleh wakil
badan penapiskan blog (blog censorship) kat penang

Upside & Downside of a girls nite out (3-4th Sept)

Anyway last weekeed i lepaked at stabaks, ikano with the 2 stooges at around 10
pm. Then around 11 sumthing they sent me back, i changed, then I went
meronggeng-ing to Planet Hollywood with Pam and Cass . The music was good and we
met a few interesting people. Took a shot of chivas+ice, and bout 4-5 glasses
dewars+coke (I lost count..hehe) courtesy of our new friends. Danced, sweated,
took photos and exchange phone numbers before leaving.

Pastu lepak kat Devi’s in Bangsar pastu got this group of malay guys sat at the
next table and were looking looking at us. Then one of them, the most decent
looking one, came over and had the audacity to invite himself to sit at our

Weird but Friendly Guy (WBFG): hi can I sit? (then he terus dgn tidak malunya sat down)
WBFG : So where are u gals from? KL? (we all juz gave half-hearted nods) Went out?
Pam : From my house
WBFG : So where u gals staying?
Pam muttered Shah Alam, and Cass muttered Cyberjaya. I still kept ignoring him
WBFG : You girls are nice, at least u all layan my questions, not like some other girls who would juz ignore strangers (I guess he doesnt realize we were trying to ignore him too). Im not
trying to ayat u girls {yeah right!} just being friendly {sure *rolls eyes*}

Then org yg tgh boring melepak kat mont kiara itu call, so i ajak-ed him to join us. After i put down the phone,

Me (to Pam): My friend is coming
WBFG : Your friend? guy or gal?
Me : Guy
WBFG : Boyfriend?
Me : Haha! No lah!
WBFG : Yeah right. Anyway I better get going soon. Nice meeting you girls. If u want to do some facial or beauty stuff, my mom has a beauty salon at Hartamas {wtf is he promoting his mom’s beauty salon for?}. Here is my number, save it in ur phone…01…(at this point, 3 of us looked at each other then Pam and I looked at Cass and she had no choice but to save his number. LOL! Kasian plak she kena buli by us)

Takut pula him. LOL! Poke, ada org takut kat ko lah :P Not long after that, 2 mamat arab sat at the next table and tried to catch out attention.

Arab guys (AG) : Excuse me? Hello?
(I was ignoring him but Pam suddenly turned to face them coz she thought they wanted to ask/tell something important)

Pam : Yea?
AG : So where did u guys party today? Somewhere in bangsar?
Pam : Party? *buat muka blur* We were from my house.
AG : And what were u doing at your house?
Pam : Oh……studying
(At this point I tried to hold my laughter but kenot tahan so it came out like a false cough)
AG : Come on….you’ve got to be kidding

hank goodness at that time poke called and asked where are we, then I saw him just outside and we cepat-cepat moved table to sit outside. He was like confused at bit at our kelam-kabutness but after we were sitting, we told the whole story to him and he was laughing. Then he noticed, “How come everyone is staring at us ah?” to which I answered, “Because we are the only girls here.” Then he looked around and realized that it was true. I think the other guys were
looking daggers at the poke & his fren. LOL!

Then we talk talk then Pam & Cass went back around 4-5 am…not sure la..i wasnt really paying attention to the time. Then Max joined us and we lepaked there till 9 am after someone tertido a few times and someone else punya eyes already rolled up coz nak tido :P So far I just tahan but the moment i got back and my head touched the pillow, I slept till evening around 5-6 pm.

Upside : Got free drinks and met interesting people
Downside : Got harrassed twice at a mamak stall…I would expect it in a club…but at a mamak stall…adehh…

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