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All guys are gay??

I had this conversation with a classmate of mine whom i havent met for quite some time. He said “all guys are gay. But no one would ever admit it”. This is his reasoning:

Guys watch porn right? What kind of porn do they usually watch? Male-female porn. (some guys also watch lesbian porn tho). If the actor is not well-endowned, would they watch it? Would they choose one that shows a “short and small” one or a “thick and long” one? Obviously the latter. So, all guys are attracted to watching well-endowned men. Meaning they have a small sense of gay-ness.

We were laughing our heads off at his reasoning. I’ve never heard it from that point of view.

Last weekend
Last weekend i was pretty busy. Friday night I went for dinner with Pam & Andre, sorta like a gals nite out. We went to the food court at hartamas – the spaghetti there is superb, so rich and cheesy alfredo sauce. Then we sat and chit chat, shared stories about what we missed, shared ghost stories (citer wajib) and cracked jokes. Poor andre was hving flu and she somhow managed to sprain her thumb badly that she has to wear something like a small sling over her thumb.

After that we lepaked at Mosin TTDI (our new hangout place) and met up with the 2 stooges and macna. Then Pam & Andre left early, then pokiah sent macna back then farm + fren dtg. Talk talk for some time, den farm +fren balik. so i finally got back at 6.30 am, took a shower and finished my assignment. Went to sleep at 8 am, Sat morning.

Woke up at 1.30pm, had lunch, watch tv, heard my sis & my mom quarreling (yet again!) did my assignment, went to sleep at 5.30pm. Got up at 8 sumtin coz pam colling colling (she went to anugerah ERA & we’re supposed to go out after that. Encik amat called at around 10 something, want to ajak lepak but i was going out at 11.30 so we planned to meet up after that. Went to PH with pam, met Man. But that nite mcm kurang mood want to drink or dance so Pam & I juz sat at the bar talking. After det met the 2 stooges at Lotus around 3 sumthing – they sibuk cuci mata, we sibuk makan coz didnt eat dinner. Man was so drunk owedi so he juz sat quietly while the rest of us chit chatted. We went all back early, then slept – too tired already even tho i’ve been sleeping on and off the whole day.

Next day had nasi ayam for lunch then went to maju junction in the evening. Had some bun for tea, den char kuey tiau for dinner. Den went to lotus at jln TAR but i didnt eat. Den took the Star lrt to masjid jamek and putra lrt to Kelana Jaya. but the LRT stopped at Tmn bahagia and refused to move, so i took a taxi from thr to Mosin (RM5) den makan Mumtaz naan….soo sedap. the 3 of us bantai 2 keping. Laughed until perut sakit giler den went back around 1.30 am (very early by our usual standards).

In short, Sat was for sleeping and Sunday was for eating. LOL! Next weekend i dont think im going clubbing la. Kenot tahan, its been 3 weekends in a row. Its not that i spend money – cover charge is free, and drinks is sponsered – but i malas. So plans next Sat is to mabuk teh o ais at mosin until the next day la – if all goes well. Hehehe!

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