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Don’t you hate it when you’re driving you need to look for something then you have to dig in deep into your glove compartment to look for it, especially at the toll booth where you’re looking for money to pay for the tolls. I bet that’s how so many accidents happen – drivers looking for something in their glove box and digging here and there so much so that they don’t pay attention on the road.

There’s this cool new product to put on your car visor to organize your stuff. Its called Stuck Up. Its like a notice board for your car where you can stick stuff like pens, papers, money or pictures. It utilizes Velcro to attach the small objects you might need. They even sell accessories like small LED Flashlights that you can stick on the StuckUp for checking maps or looking for something that fell underneath your seat.

The best part is, you can design your own StuckUp by choosing differnt colours for the frame. They have Space Black, Cocoa Brown, Snow White, Hot Pink and Midnight Blue. You can also change the background of it using Palettes that range from maps to logos to sports and you can also write a text of your choice.

So what are you waiting for? Get Stuck Up now!

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