Going behind my back

Im in a seriously bad mood at the moment so if any bad words come out, juz bear with me. If you cant, then i dont really give a damn.

Feeling miserable as well…was sick the whole day…stayed i bed till around 4 pm. Then everyone else went out…except for me. But i declined coz i wasnt feeling too good. I was wondering how come my roommate (and “so called best fren”) hasnt come home yet so I called her to make sure she isnt stranded in town coz the last bus has left. Then I find out that she’s in this restaurant with a few of my frens (coz it’s her birthday today)….all whom i juz met 1 hr ago….all whom didnt tell me they were going. I dont really give a shit about whether they go without me or not. It’s the fact that they went behind my back dat irritates me. Especially since it’s not the first time…nor will it be the last. This is the end of the line….it’s time for me to look for other friends to hang out with since the ones i have now are hopeless.


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