Going to KL

Wuah…wuz so bored. Damn tired..but too lazy to sleep…ever had dat feeling?? Juz finished my Moral (how wuz it u ask? Okayla….) which i
absolutly didnt study for coz i wuz frustrated at the papers i had earlier. So for me, I finished my finals on Thurs after my maths.

Wuz out last nite…..friends wanted to celebrate after their exams so we went clubbin and played pool till 4 sumthing. came back, took shower then rushed to pack for my 1 pm flight to KL….left d whole room in a mess (rach – my roomie – musta been shocked outta her wits).

Kenot tahan, went to sleep slightly before 7 am, den woke up only at 8.40 for my 9 am paper. Talked crap all the way…as many others did. Somehw almost every1 left after d 1st hr…and I, who did not even touch my books, stayed longer to crap more.

Den juz found out my flight wuz postponed!! NoOOONONonononO!!! I wasted time rushing to pack d nite before. Arrgghhh!!! Dayyymm!!! Now i have to wait till like 4.40 for my flight. hehe…luckily im not the only one on dat flight. tee hee hee.

After packing a most of my things…i realize dat i have tons and tons of things….wow! never realized that before…hehehe!!

I’m goinna be so bored in KL coz i juz moved there and dont have friends except for those from Curtin, which is kinda little. So ppl, give me an sms or a ring if ur coming to KL the whole of this month (July)

Anywayz, hope to see u guys in KL~! Miss u all and see u Curtin peeps next semester :P

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