Good girl vs Wild..horses?!?

I’ve always wanted to know why guy chose gfs/fiancees/wives who are nice and good but when it comes to someone they want a short term relationship or just to play around, they pick the wild childs. So i posed the following questions to a few guy friends:

why is it that guys when it comes to the girl they want to hv fun with, they always pick the wild child? But when it comes to their girlfriends, they want someone good and nice?” OR, in BM “naper ek..laki..kalo suka tgk/bergaul/main2 dgn pompuan yg social, yg sporting, yg open. tapi bila cari gf, mesti sorang yg baik, sopan, dll?


me: laki sll mcm tu kan?
me: suka awek derang baik2
me: tapi suka tgk pompuan yg liar skit
me: =))
guy fren A: sebab..nanti susah..oooo..mau jaga.
guy fren A: liar..mcm kuda liar..kuda liar..suka hidup bebas..
guy fren A: kuda liar..tak boleh di ikat.
guy fren A: let the wild horse …free..
guy fren A: that why..we to see..
guy fren A: imagine ..seeing wild horse runs..with all the freedom it has..
guy fren A: huhuuh..
guy fren A: :)
me: haha
me: okay :P

Hmm…wild horses eh?

Mr B.A: why u ask me?
me: just a question
Mr B.A: what happened?
me: no i just want to know lah
Mr B.A: i guess jerks are like that
me: thats it?
Mr B.A: what do u think
me: i ask u then u ask me back
me: apa laa
Mr B.A: hehehe

This answer was no use not that informative…

Is: biasak la tuh..
me: why why?
Is: i dunno why.. but its like common practice..
Is: as in a gf is likely to become a wife.. that maybe an answer to it..
me: would u?
Is: would i what
Is: do the same thing?
me: haiya..yes
Is: erm.. im not sure..
Is: pasal never came to the point i hav to commit..
Is: so i never passed that situation yet..
me: commitment phobic eh?
Is: yeap..

Yea i guess this could be a pretty solid reason

Lan: biasa je
Me: tak rasa laki mcm tu?
Lan: cam tu baru playboy
**User has gone offline**

….and he went offline before i could ask more

Mr R.K: semua laki camtu ker??
Me: kebanyakan
Mr R.K: sbb dia nak buat gf dia untuk jangka panjang kot…
Mr R.K: kena la cari yang cenggitu
Me: so kalo minah tu social skit..tanak ler jadikan gF?
Mr R.K: depend pada laki tu lar…
Mr R.K: kalau dia minat nak buat minah t jadik gf di buat gak..
Mr R.K: tak semestinya dia akan dapat yang perfect..

What do you guys think?


  • evie

    hahaha, correct… i think all guys are like that. kahwin yg baik, see n enjoy yg liar.. owh wat the heck…Wait, am asking my darling..heheh..

    Evelyn Leia: how come when guys wanna marry, they find good girls…but when they wanna have fun, they look for wild girls?
    Darling: huh?????
    Darling: i guess….guys wants good girls because they wan to have good off springs, good family, good wife for supports……..
    Darling: this is wat i tink la
    Evelyn Leia: then? when wanna have fun leh? why wild girls?
    Darling: eeeerrrrrrr………
    Darling: i never did b4 wor
    Darling: all my ex can consider good girls
    Darling: i tink maybe these girls are carefree
    Darling: no strings attach gua
    Evelyn Leia: chiu!
    Darling: this is wat i feel la
    Darling: then?
    Darling: how i know wor

    Wahahaha, kesiaaan, LOL… so innocent.. haha

  • munaks

    well we all know that wild horses are carefree and run around, it is very very hard, infact close to impossible to actually tame them and train them. Think of it in the same way, why would i want to marry a wild horse that is difficult to tame and everytime when u think u have succeeded and it will run away and u have to start from zero again.

  • farm

    hahahahah men arent them the wildest. They want to good want easy to tame and after few years of marriage they’ll find the wild one again to have fling, scandals, affair to make them going. Actually its not the wild one is bad the person who like/ want the wild are wildest n useless. Thats my point. to any guys not agree with this wait till u married, go through the time, circumstances n tell me im wrong abt this hypothesis. N pls dont lie EVERY MEN LOVES THE WILD HORSE FOR THE CAREFREE, FREEDOM N WAY THEY ARE. They dont look back thats for sure!!!!!

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