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Google Analytics Master Class (GAMC) Kuala Lumpur + Slides

The good people over in Google SEA decided to hold the first (I think) Google Analytics Master Class in KL last weekend. It was held in Hilton Hotel KL and the best part, it was FREE! All you had to do was register yourself and they will email you if you got the invites. I bet they didn’t expect the overwhelming response though.

The GAMC consists of a couple of speakers who gave short 10 minutes (or so) talks. Some were from Google, explaining the features in GA and other related tools. Others were from various businesses that utilizes GA in their business.


I tweeted about several things I learn at the event, here are some examples :

  • GA allows you to track stats for mobile sites, using a code that is not javascript based
  • Track statistic based on sessions – logged in/ not logged in users. How is their behaviour different
  • Set up different segments to track different things based on certain conditions, and share these pre-configured segments with others via a simple link
  • Send email alerts when certain conditions are met
  • Useful for Multi Users : Add annotation to the graph to explain spikes (was the design changed? was there an economic downturn, etc)
  • Useful for Advertisers : You can create custom variables to export specific data. Maybe impressions of a certain page where that ad in running
  • Using Google Analytics, you can track the flow of a payment page to see where your buyers are leaving /stuck (are they confused? Is the design not user friendly?)
  • Three important things :
    • Watch out for high bounce rates
    • Zoom in on Loyal Visitors
    • Don’t ignore mobile users <—growing trend in SEA
  • Post Click (landing page optimization) is as important as Pre-Click (SEO, SERP, etc). Former is free too!
  • Use different variations of your site simultaneously and track both so that you can see which design produces the highest conversions. Only change important pages – Landing page, Buy page, etc

73709954 Google Goodie Bags filled with a notebook,a pen, some stickers and a USD50 voucher to sit for the Google Analytics Test (Certificate)

All in all, it was a very informative event. Met a lot of people and made some new friends. I think my colleague who went must have been surprised that I do know a lot of people. LOL!

You can subscribe to the Google Southeast Asia site for details on any events and tips and tricks. They have posted their slides for GAMC on the site. However, its all present in Slideshare which requires you to log in to download. So I downloaded it all here and zipped it up for you guys to download. All the files are in PDF format (I highly recommend FoxIt reader) and the Titles are listed below

Edit 28 Dec 2010 : Im having problems with my download plugin so the download links are missing. will edit this page once that’s fixed. You can still watch videos and download the slides from their site here – .SOrry about that


Download Links (choose any one) – 48.2MB

[Edited] 18 March : Reuploaded the files because @vinoaj uploaded a new Keynote slide # and @lohhw3 said Slide #4 is missing. If you already downloaded the previous files, you can download the Slide 00 (keynote) & Slide 04 (Shaping the Funnel) below

Direct Download : [download id="35"]

Rapidshare : [download id="36"]

Mediafire : [download id="37"]

Direct Download only sorry : [download id="38"]

  • Titles of each Slide
    1. Keynote – Beth Liebert, Google Analytics Product Manager, Google
    2. The Power of Segmentation – Barbara Pezzi, Director Webmarketing & Ecommerce, Swissotel
    3. Google Analytics: Powerful. Flexible. Intelligent – Stephanie Hsu, Google Analytics Specialist, Google
    4. Taming the HiPPO – Adrian Tan, Director Online Marketing Services, clickTRUE
    5. Shaping the Funnel – Vinoaj Vijeyakumaar, Customer Solutions Engineer, Google Southeast Asia
    6. Optimising AdWords with Google Analytics Data – Lianne Mateo and Iris Cheng, Google Analytics Specialists, Google Southeast Asia
    7. Re-modeling – Justin Lee, co-Founder, PointStar

      Optimising Raffles Hotels and Resorts – Rajitha Dahanayake, CEO, eMarketingEye

    8. Better Landing Pages with Google Website Optimiser – Jon Stona, Regional Product Marketing Manager, Google Asia Pacific
    9. Price Testing: the Holy Grail of Marketing – Rachit Dayal, CEO, Happy Marketer
    10. Catch Up On Trends – Madona Michael, Account Strategist, Google Southeast Asia
    11. Google Analytics Resources – Dinesh Jain, Google Analytics Specialist, Google India
    12. 12 Things to Do Today – Vinoaj Vijeyakumaar and Stephanie Hsu



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