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World Premier of Mr&Mrs Smith
I was invited as a guest by a friend to watch the premier of Mr & Mrs Smith @ TGV, KLCC. There were reporters and cameras. The general public giving u stares as you walk thru those doors next to the popcorn booth.

There was this TV personality, and a few faces that looked familiar. But im not familiar with the local entertainment scene so I couldnt care less. LOL!

Really good movie. Steamy scenes…angelina jolie is sizzling hot!! No wonder brad pitt left jennifer aniston :P Girls with guns = always a big attraction. But the story like was good. Equal blend of action, romance, passion and humour.

Mr & Mrs Smith opens in local cinemas on 9 June 2005.

Goss Session
Hehehe…now’s the time to share a lil gossip bout the people I know

  1. Ada org tu kannn…dier suka sgt makan udang…dier bantai byk sgt…kalo nak compare, piring dier la paling byk kulit udang tuh
  2. Ada lagi satu…mulut becok…tak dpt tutup..suka sgt kutuk…tapi best gak dgr dier merapu
  3. Yg sebiji lagi nih….gila glemor….suka sgt tekan button refresh refresh…suka tido petang lagi tu :P
  4. And den yg satu lagi nie kan…..mulut lazer….kat kedai mamak pon jerit cikloi cikloi
  5. (nasib ko linn, aku lum fikir apa nak kutuk)


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