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Hamster Happiness

Yes! I *finally* got hamsters after almost a month of asking around if anyone wanted to give hamsters to me. Thanks to Zul@Zaag@Messi who met up with me at LowYat to pass the hamsters.

Oh im getting way ahead of myself. After my alcoholics drinking BBQ party last Friday night – which went on until 6-ish after sending Jazzy & Ayman to Bkt Jalil then goin to lepak kat kedai mamak for a bit – I hardly had enough sleep because was busy clearing up after. So with just 1-2 hrs sleep, A woke me up at 9am asking if we jadi to go out (we already planned the night before to go out at 10am to get my hamster stuff). He came early and I had to rush to get ready.

Then we went to shah alam to run his errands for a while and then proceeded to KL. He brought me to Jalan Pasar where I bought a cage + bedding (wood shavings) + Hamster food mix for ONLY Rm38 total! Damn cheap weh! In Ikano the cage alone is like RM60++. Crazy.

Then met up with Zul around 1 something at LowYat and he brought the 2 hamsters with him in a cage wrapped in plastic. Poor zul having to bring it all the way from UniSel by bus->ktm->monorail. Poor hamsters hving to endure the long ride. I offered to take the cage from him while he went around KL and promised to pass it back to him later in the evening in Sg Buloh.

Then we stopped by Pudu for about half an hr coz A wanted to meet up with a friend of his and we had some drinks with her. Apparently she’s this chinese chick who used to be his ex-schoolmate. He was from a chinese school. It was nice hearing them reminiscence about the past and I instantly thought of my schoolmates and how nice it’ll be to meet them again.

So anyway, I got home, set up the cage and put the 2 hamsters in their new home. The hamsters are rather violent and tend to bite (tho the smaller one is tamer now). I hope they’ll get used to my scent soon.

This is the bigger hamster which is brown with black streaks. Kind of violent, likes to bite, sometimes even until you bleed.

The cuter one of the two. Small with glossy black fur. More tamer now, still has the tendency to nibble tho. More photos of the hamsters here

I hvnt thought about their names yet. Any suggestions?


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