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Happy Belated Bday to me (25 Sept)

23 Sept
It started on Friday – I had morning class but had to skip it for this choir practise. Then that afternoon I took a bus from Uni to serdang ktm station (it was RM3.15 – im not sure why it was 15 cents instead of a round number), then Serdang to KL Central, then KL Central to Bukit Bintang. All in all, it took me 1 hour and 45 minutes to get from my uni to BB and cost 7 ringgit – yeah i actually counted the time coz i was bored. Hehe!

Went dating in Bkt Bintang. Its amazing how many things will catch your eye when you got no money in ur pocket – I only had RM20 in cash to last me till monday (26/9). After that met up with Erin at KL Central, and we took the lrt & taxi home for a quick shower before taking the car and rushing off to a friend’s (Nicky) 18th birthday party in BU.

Reached Nick’s place quite late. His other (younger & non-drinking) friends just left when we came. Only my uni mates – erin, nick, 2 more girls, 1 more guy – and nick’s best friend was left. Nick took out this game where there’s like 6 shot glasses around an arrow which spins. So on each glass there is a dare (to take off something) or to drink the shot. They filled it with vodka (yes pure Absolute Vodka) and that’s when the party started.

We had a great time but no one ended up naked coz everyone prefered to take the shot and for the non-drinkers, we gave them an yukky cocktail of coke, orange juice and a few other things. Most ended up puking (gross!!) after the game was over. I lost track of how many shots i downed, but i was taking coke between shots so I didnt really end up drunk. Then we started just talking, then the other gals went to sleep, nick’s friend went to sleep and left nick, myself and farhan talking till almost 5 am (i think) when farhan & i dozed off while the 3 girls just woke up. Was so tired that I actually snored loudly but got up at 6am, then went back home.

Felt a bit pissed off at my dad coz he suddenly marah-ed me for no reason by sms-ing me something in the morning just before i came back :( after we came back Erin and i stayed up talking till 8 sumthing am before sleep finally overtook us.

24th Sept
Woke up around 3pm, then went out with Farhan, nick & erin. At first we just lepaked at OU, walking around and talking. Thought of watching a movie but there was alot of ppl so we decided to go for dinner. The guys paid for my dinner coz of my birthday :D and the 3 of them actually sang Happy Bday really loud in Chillis OU :|

After that we went back to Nick’s place to help him clean up the house. Because he didnt have time to do it the day before and he was alone in the house. So we cleared all the empty pizza boxes, threw all the beer cans, looked for all the bottle caps on the floor, washed all the glasses, mopped the floor then swept it again coz it was still dusty and cleared all the mattresses and pillows.

Then geng Mosin called and I went to meet them there, Pam came soon after and Erin came as well. Got sms-es from isla, lola, heidi & my sis. Rang lola up and managed to chit chat a bit. I miss them alot :(

Anyway, we sat there laughing and talking till 6 am. Went back and went to sleep. Got up around 1 pm and read sms-es from a few friends, my youngest sis and my dad – who also apologized for what he said. There was a bouquet of red & pink roses on the dining table for me from my parents :D (and some money) which was really nice because they know I have never gotten flowers from anyone before.

I basically stayed at home the whole day, reading and finishing up my assignment due on Monday. But I went out for late dinner with just my family to celebrate my bday. We went to Mache (sp?) – pronounced mar-shay – at The Curve coz a few friends told me it was nice. The food is quite nice – especially the mushroom soup & mashed potatoes – but the desserts was kinda lousy. And its quite pricy.

Overall, I had a super great time this weekend :D will post some pics once i get them from my fren’s digicam


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