happy birthday Sharani :D

Happy Birthday Sharani!!!~ (did i spell that right?) :P Well, ok i kno its actually for Sat but we’re celebrating it today :D

Im considering going to Zouk tonight. Havent been clubbing for ages and the rest are going to celebrate Sharani’s bday. Then going to stay over at Aree’s place. Im sure it’ll be fun. But i do have a problem. I dont have transport back to KL tomorrow morning and he might be in town. He always says he wants to come down but usually tak jadi.

Im most probably going to ask dad to send me down there tonight :P then meetup with them there. Hope dad says yes (which he probably will) im more worried bout how to get to KL tomorrow.

Now what should I wear? Hmmm…..

p/s: Happy Belated birthday to Rachel Khoo Peng Huay (sorry no credit to message you yesterday)

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