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Happy happy

Im happy today!

  • School assignment *done*
  • Work assignment (due tonite) *done*
  • Im looking forward to the Jiwang Forum bowling gathering at midvalley this sunday :)
  • My lepak-and-watch-movie fren is back from kampung. Yey!
  • budak2 kl10 ajak go play bowling tonite at mines -8pm. Wanna go or not? hmmm Leh prektis main b4 this sunday. LOL!

I nearly burst my brain looking for solutions to this problem – googling and browsing tons of websites, posting it in a few forums, and emailing my lecturer non-stop. And with his help, I finally solved the code!

Solutions : Question 1 (a) and (b), Question 1 (c) and Question 2.

I’ve also complete a [tag]flash[/tag] header that I did for this website. This is a low-quality GIF version of it. The real file is a (.swf) Flash file. Very simple and good thing the client was precise in what he wants. He’s very happy with it.


[tag]Adobe[/tag] is organizing a seminar called Adobe [tag]Creative@Work[/tag] training where they will introduce their new [tag]CS3[/tag] programs and speak of various topics such as [tag]AJAX[/tag], making videos for online content with [tag]Flash[/tag] CS3 Professional and [tag]Dreamweaver[/tag]. Its FREE but you have to register because its limited seats only! So go over to their website to register. I registered for the morning session on the 28th of June coz I think I’ll be beneficial for me if I go :D

Thanks manchurr for the info :)


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