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Hari Bintang Jatuh – Aftermath

Phew, finally its over. And everyone – especially the hardworking organizers – can now breathe a huge sigh of relief.

For me, the day started the night before. Aree, Pam, and Jazzy came over the night before and we were baking, smoking (well they were smoking), ordered McD, waited 1 hr for the food to arrive, realized that they forgot 1 large fries, waited another hr for the fries. Chopped, mixed, beat, stirred, realize that we couldn’t melt the chocolate, realized that the coffee refused to brew, cut cakes, put some in our mouths, wrapped cakes in plastic and so on and so forth. Believe it or not, after all the washing up and sweeping and cleaning, we finished at 4am and the girls went back.

I checked my mail before going to bed and realized that we needed to go there around 8AM to set up our booth and secure a place where we would setup our stall. Didn’t realize it earlier because I couldn’t make it for the briefing (I sent Omar as a wakil. Tengkiu Omar ;))

Our wares – Seriously so much cakes/goodies right?

So after going to bed at 4am, we had to get up at 7.30 am, drove down to Ampang at 8.30am then deposited the tables, chairs and clothes rack. Then came home, picked my sister, picked up all our goodies, picked up drinks from Tesco, bought tons of ice then headed off to Ampang again.

Set up shop, watched people go by, listened to good music from talented local artists, bumped into friends from persetankan – jasmine, omar, ikhmal, etc – with the sweet Wani, surprisingly met an old classmate – Adam – who was reciting one of his poems.

Performances & Bazaar

There was one or two things I didn’t really like. Everyone got the email to start setting up the booth at 8am onwards. I know this is Malaysia but you shouldn’t be an ass and come late and then ask me to move over to the other side and make faces if I look reluctant. Secondly the event was more of a performance, rather than a bazaar. Made me regret just a little because couldn’t enjoy it.

But anyway, there are really good things that I liked. The outside area was spacious and not too cramped. Perhaps it would be better if the inside was bigger so that it could fit more people tho. I absolutely LOVED the fact that we (exhibitors/stall owners/performers) had designated parking. I seriously seriously appreciate that a lot! Committee members were all very helpful and nice – despite the fact that they probably didn’t sleep the night before. I know how hard it is to organize something like that.

Personally, I feel that Wani Ardy’s Hari Bintang Jatuh was a success. It was a experiment for me – learned some things that day.

~ Kudos to the hardworking committee. Very well organized
~ Shoutout to Jazzy, Pam & Feli for being involved. Thanks to Aree who also helped out – even tho she FFK at the last min. lol
~ It was nice bumping to frens. Bella, sorry takleh lepak lama. Afdzal + kawan, thanks for coming, hope u guys enjoyed urself

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