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Hari Bintang Jatuh & Open Houses

I’ll be soo utterly busy this weekend.

  • Friday evening – breifing on the hari bintang jatuh event (info) in Ampang
  • Friday night – Will be up to my elbows in flour, sugar and cream cheese churning out goodies for Saturday
  • Saturday – set up gerai and enjoy good music, poetry and shopping!
  • Saturday night – I got something up but i cant rmbr as of now
  • Sunday – fren invited to his place in Kajang for open hse, my neighbour also invited us for open house and Bebudak reban ayam also have a gathering in Cheras

How am I going to split myself to three on Sunday is still everyone’s guess. I have not confirmed for any of the 3 on sunday, scared too tired by then -_-

Have a fun filled weekend ppl!

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  • Jimmy

    Umm.. too hard for you…

    If you give wrong reason, might conclude to jealousy .

    Just go to the nearest one is enough…. since you can save the fuel cost. ha ha..

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