Hepi Besday Poks

{I juz realized the pic has sweat stains…ewwww}

Hepi besday to poker – a selfish, egoistic, cold-hearted bastard who thinks he knows everything and thinks he’s like Dr House, a good fren, someone who I know I can call at 3 am in the morning if Im in trouble (coz he’s not sleeping anyway lol!), someone who always picks me up driver..hehe, my personal IT helpdesk/hardware supplier and Naffy’s too , and someone who is always willing to give out advice even if we din ask for it.

Heppy 30th birthday to poks~! (tua nyee ko nih)

Hmm….I wonder how I will be like 9 yrs from now? Hehehe~! Will be goin to OU this evening, need to pick up some stuffs and then go window shopping (no money mahh) before goin out to dinner wif frens :D Come to think of it, its been ages since i went to OU.

p/s: cant wait for sunday :P will be stayin over at fren’s place till tuesday
Current mood: Bored..nuttin much to do during this long weekend(except work of course, but feel a bit malas) :P but at least am goin out today :P

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