Hepi besday put

Hepi bebday to Puteri :D
Hepi besday to put
U were born in the zoo
Wif the monkey & the kangaroo
And they look just like u :P

that Saturday nite after the gathering, i reached home at 11pm (thanks kong sbb antar aku balik :D) then at midnite pammy picked me up and we went to meet up with encik amat & sekinchan at Starbucks Mont Kiara coz we gotta fix her lappy. That girl doesnt know nuts about computers or IT. adeehhhhhh…..how to explain technical terms in layman terms ahh?

So we were transferring 2.6 Gigs worth of pictures from her laptop to mine using a 512MB & 256MB thumbdrive..keep switching to and fro then her laptop laks slow and mine also kinda slow :P

So we lepak lepak thr until like 4.30am..alamak..kena beli makanan utk sahur. So Pam & I rushed to pegi cari kedai. Hartamas plak kedai mostly tutup, the ones that opened looks really unappetizing and sunyi sepi, so we went to Devi’s @ bangsar. makan thr kejap pastu bawa makanan balik utk sekinchan & encik amat.

Finally when pam’s lappy was done, the guys went back around 7-8 am while pam & I stayed on and went to the pasar pagi and bought a few things. I finally reached home at 11.30am before i KO-d till aroun 7 pm hehehe…


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