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Holiday moliday

I was away on holiday since 23rd Dec until 30 Dec with my family. First we balik kampung to Kuching to celebrate Christmas with my father’s side of the family. It was nostalgic to go back to Kuching after an absence of 1.5 yrs (the last trip only lasted 2 days because I didnt have much holidays). Managed to meet up with Heidi & Isla – went for dinner then stayed over at their place. Went to Bla bla bla Restaurant (yeap, it really is the name of the restaurant) for cakes and tea. really yummy and cheaper than starbucks or kupibin. Came back late at nite on 27th dec.

Then we went to Bali the very next day in the morning. Flight was delayed from 10.30am to 1 pm (airasia, as usual). Finally reached Ngurah Rai International Airport in the evening. We stayed in Holiday Villa in Den Pasar (i think), next to the public beach. Walked down the beach, taking in the sights and sounds, eating lamb satay (small and pedas) and jagung bakar (tasted kering). The next day went sightseeing – volcanic mountains, paddy terraces, markets, palaces. Sadly i forgot to pack my digital camera but we had a 27 exposure disposable cam so we still managed to take a few pics. We managed to walk around in Kuta for a bit, its where the shopping malls and stuff are. There werent many tourists tho.

Almost everything there was much cheaper than over here. Feel rich coz the currency is so small that you’re dealing in thousands. 2500 rupiah is 1 ringgit so the converting was a bit confusing – especially if ur trying to haggle.
Happy New year to all my readers :D

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