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Holidaying in Europe

I just love travelling, one of the places that I would love to go to is Europe. My parents have been to Paris and London and they absolutely loved it there. Im sure it’ll be such fun! I particularly want to visit Paris, London, Berlin & Barcelona – because each have its special qualities that make Europe so unique.

I think that driving there would be better than having a tour because then you can have the fun of enjoying a road trip – but of course we must be prepared with a good map and a well-planned route. Plus, you can plan which sites you want to visit and for how long without being tied down to a tour schedule.

a square in barcelona
The picture above is a square in Barcelona, Spain. Look how quaint and laid back it is. I would love to have a hotel in Barcelona overlooking a square like that, where you can see people walking by or drinking coffee under umbrellas in outdoor cafes. Ahh…so relaxing.


This is Brandenburger Gate which was one of the main city gates in Berlin, Germany. The architecture is superb and to think that it stood tall since 1791. It took three years to build. Can you imagine? Imagine staying in one of the hotels in Berlin and waking up to splendid view of the Brandenburger Tor (gate in German) with the soft morning light behind it. Majestic!

“Will you let me romanticize,
The beauty in our London Skies”

Lyrics from Jamie Cullum’s “London Skies” speaks of the sunlight beneath the clouds looming over London. Though it might seem grey, its the perfect kind of weather to walk around the city because its not too hot and not too cold. I would love to stay in one of the hotels in London right in the middle of all the tourist attractions and walk or hitch a ride on the bus to visit those sites.

eiffel tower

Ahh…Paris, the City of love. Im sooo inspired to visiting this city with a loved one after watching Paris je t’aime. Everything there is just so romantic. Imagine staying in the honeymoon suite in one of the best hotels in Paris and standing at the balcony, watching the sun go down and the lights begin to brighten while drinking a glass of champagne with your loved one. Awwwwww…….

Visiting all these places might just be a dream now, but i vow to myself that I will go one day :D

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