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Hotels in Kuching?

I’ll be going to Kuching for a few days in January for my cousin’s wedding. I’m hoping to be able to lepak with my friends there – someone wants to belanja me tequila to try and get me drunk. Haha!

Obviously I shouldn’t go back home to my aunty/uncle’s place after clubbing right? I wonder if I should go rent a room with my friends to lepak2 after clubbing then they also wouldn’t hv to drive back.

I was searching through this website – – that searches for the cheapest hotel rates online based on location. You just key in a city that you want to search and put in the dates. Then they will search for online hotel fees and display it in MYR.

Nice yea? Hotels in Kuching are around RM200, give or take. Hilton Hotel is around RM190 and Holiday Inn is around RM180. For KL hotels, It ranges from RM100 and up.

So, any suggestions for a place in Kuching?

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