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House Hunting

I always have this dream of owning my own house. As of now, being young and all, I would love a service apartment. Like Taufan’s place in Damansara Perdana, the moment you walk in, the kitchen is on the left and the tv/living area is right in front. Then the bedroom and toiletis on the left towards the back. Simple living and easy to clean also :D

But after I get married and (hopefully) have lots of kids, I would love to have my own house with a huge compound so that I can have a cute loyal dog like dear old Duchess back in Miri.

But did you know that its really risky buying a house. What you don’t see can really hurt you. That is why you must have a warranty. In the US we can call American Home Shield before you buy a house because they will check it out to ensure there are no hassle in getting your dream home.

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