Hurts Live in KL

As what I wrote in Hurts is coming to Kuala Lumpur! and I’m going to Hurts concert this Friday!, I managed to get tickets thanks to Sony Music Malaysia to the TOPMAN and Junk By Demand presents Hurts live in Mist Club KL!

Its been a while since I went to a concert. I think the last time was Jason Derulo in Dragonfly club (formerly Orange) in KL. Was at Mist slightly before 8pm and bumped into Yatz inside the club with some friends.  A DJ was warming up the crowd and people were slowly trickling in.

Hurts Live in KL 1

I can’t remember what time it started exactly but it seemed like suddenly the club was extremely full, I was standing behind a whole bunch of people and the crowd suddenly erupted to cheers as the Hurts duo – Theo Hutchcraft and Adam Anderson – walked on the stage.

Hurts Live in KL 2

Theo talked about how its their first time in Malaysia, and they visited Batu Caves (according to his Twitter @theohurts they visited KLCC as well so not so sure why he didn’t mention that) and that “we would never be here if it weren’t for you”. The crowd was predominantly female and I could understand why. In person, Theo really is hot! With his calm and stylish debonair, its no surprise why you feel attracted to him.

theohurtsJust had to show a close up photo of him. Credit to daphneliciouz

Also, he’s a great performer, commanding the crowd and making you feel that he looks straight at you as he sang, giving you a piercing gaze. And to add to that, he also occasionally threw white roses into the crowd, causing girls to scream as they grabbed wildly for it.

Hurts Live in KL 4

Not to be forgotten, Adam Anderson was also amazing on the synthesizer , his fingers flying across the keyboard with full concentration on his face. At one point, he picked up the electric guitar, took a step into the spotlight and showed us what he was truly capable of – making amazing music.

Hurts Live in KL 3

Throughout the night, it seemed like Hurts performed song after song without stopping. From favorites such as Stay (complete with the music video playing in the background) and Lonely Sunday, to a cover of Kylie Minogue’s “Confide in me” – of whom they confessed they are big fans of – they took to the stage like a duck in water. I forgot to note the first few songs but in total, Hurts performed the following songs : Evelyn, Lonely Sunday, Verona, Devotion, Confide in Me (cover), Illumination, Stay and closed with an encore of Better than Love. I managed to record a short snippet of Better than Love with my iPhone below.

You know how some musicians sound great on their CD but fail to bring it when they perform Live? For Hurts, this wasn’t the case. They were nothing short of AMAZING. It was one of the most entertaining concerts/showcases I’ve been too in a long time (not that I’ve been to many). Even the friend I brought along who knew nothing about them until the day before, became a fan.

Hurts Live in KL 5

Thanks Hurts, for a great night!

For more photos and videos taken from better cameras than an iPhone, check out daphneliciouz & dustyhawk blogs.

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