I don’t talk politics. Here’s why.

My opinions (shallow and ignorant as they are) below:

1) Being rational – I think people can’t talk rationally about subjects like politics and religion. I can never have a point of view that differs yours. eg: My choice to NOT discuss politics makes me "stupid, ignorant, unpatriotic, etc"

2) Couch activism – Often we complain, and discuss things the state of the nation while sitting comfortably on our couches in our cozy homes. Or, another (simpler) example, we talk about how the less fortunate are so "kesian" but we don’t lift a finger to help, get on the ground, talk to them about it. Its much easier to be couch activists – posting on social media about how we want to change the world, or transferring money to the charity of our choice.

3) Unconvinced – At the (tender) age of 27, I am not registered to vote. I haven’t found it convincing enough why I should. I’m told "at least its a change" (from whatever thats currently happening) – which is a good point. but still….

Perhaps it’s because I feel that it “doesn’t affect me” or this “tak apa” attitude though I know it actually does affect my life in subtle (or perhaps not so subtle) ways. Maybe if something big happens and affects me then I’d make it a point to be interested, i don’t know

Anyway, you may disagree with what I’m saying above, or perhaps even give me a different perspective that could change my view. Or perhaps call me names. I did say I was ignorant. Lol!

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