I dont want to WRITE, I want to have WRITTEN

Often times I find that there is way too much things on my mind, that they are struggling to get out. Sometimes when I talk, I have so much to say that it words tumble out in no particular order (Im very quiet at certain times tho – total extremities). I have never been someone who thinks before she talks, everything is straight from the heart and out the mouth. There are times when Iregret what I say but there is no way to take it back.

Which is why I prefer writing, because you always have time to proofread, correct and edit. Perhaps its in my blood to be creative. I hv cousins who are artists, musicians and/or singers and anyone who’s met my dad would say he is a born entertainer/comedian. LOL! In fact, I found out recently that my uncle is a local writer who sometimes writes under the pseudonym “Midnight Magician” (oneof his books was used in for STPM english literature – not sure about now tho).

I started writing poems when I was 16, I think it was about friendship but unfortunately I never kept a copy. Since then I have been scribbling on bits of paper – receipts, textbooks, I even remember writing a poem during my English PMR exam in school (after I finished answering the paper in less than an hr). Hehe! I notice however, that most of the poems in my poem blog (http://poemdance.blogspot.com) seem rather depressing and yearning for a way to escape. That’s because some of them are written at the worst times of my life – when i was depressed or hurt badly.

I havent really been in a writing mood the past few months but now im starting to read and write more then i did before (without the Internet, i have to find other distractions to fill my mind. Lol! I’ll try to upload most of mynew poems here and in the Poem Dance blog :D

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