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I dreamt….

I dreamt that I got an email from you.
I dreamt you said you missed me lots and was sorry we couldnt meet often.
I dreamt that you promise to be true to me.
I dreamt that in the week you were coming you treated me like a queen.
I dreamt that we parted after that one week with promises that we would be together,
that we would be true, that you would wait till I come see you next year….
And i continue to dream…………………..

juz felt like writing that….btw, i really did dream all that last nite. But as the last line says, its only a dream…hehehehe

Oh yeah,
Happy Birthday HUD~! Tho of course ur not reading this, but wat the heck! I might give u a call – if im rajin enough. LOL! :P

One more note:
Sadly, Melvin Dennis has left Evenstarr to concentrate on completing his degree. So sad, Mel was one of the first and best band members to befriend. And he was also the funniest. I cherish the first time i met him at CB in miri and we hanged out at a coffee shop till dawn. Exchanging jokes, and he even accidently thought a customer was a waitress and asked for a drink. damn that was funny.

Hope to see you around Mel~!

p/s: Isla, Heidi, Lola: nang bena crita tok……sedih kmk Mel dah kluar dari evenstarr la…dahla nya plg best klakar, yg lain ya, serious sikit.

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