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I need a break

Uh, I need a break. So much school work to do and I feel so distracted. The great thing about this semester is that I don’t have lots of papers to complete. Especially since its my final semester and I’m so happy I’m not bogged down by loads of exams. The bad part is, I have 3 major tedious projects to finish up by the end of this semester.

The thing I like to do to de-stress is to hang out with my dearest friends. Usually we go clubbing or partying to let of some steam, have a couple of drinks, dance to good music and ogle at hot guys – be it black, white or brown. Other times we have pigging out sessions where we either gather up everyone for a potluck or eat out at a nice restaurant.

Hey babes, we should go for a picnic one of these days. Bring sandwiches and other food, lay down the picnic blanket and have fun. Or go to a waterfall or something. It’ll be fun yea?

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