I need new shoes~! Hehe!!

went to meet Rach, Shaun & Grace today. At first I said meet in KLCC, then R said she hasnt been to Berjaya Times Square so she went there and I wuz supposed to meet her there even tho I said that Times Square doesn’t have anything. So around 1.30 i left the Taman Bahagia LRT station and made my way to KL Central – the hub of Kuala Lumpur, all the public transportation is connected there. Then from KL Central i walked around 5 mins to the nearby Monorail (a train that only goes around in the heart of KL) and took a monorail to Imbi Station – where Times Square is. Met them around 2.15 pm.

The reason why I’m so sure of the time is coz i timed myself coz i want to go out to Titiwangsa on Sun (read **Note** on the right) and need to take the same route, only longer.

After eating in McD alone (they ate earlier while waiting for me) we were debating on whether to go to ride in the theme park. We decided against it coz Rach said they didnt have much time as she and Shaun were going down to genting.

After walking around in a few shops (and after she bought 2 pairs of earrings for my Bday present. Yay!) she said there wasn’t anything much in Times Square and wanted to go to KLCC instead {do I hear a “I told you so”? hehe!}. So we went bck on the Monorail to KL Central and took the LRT *again* to KLCC where we walked and walked all around window shopping.

Oh wait….i forgot. Esprit wuz having a Sale (50-70%) off coz they were going to renovate soon so we looked inside and grace bought an offshoulder black top and i tried on a black halter…which wuz nice..ehhe! But didnt buy coz no money.

So we all went to Dunkin Donuts for tea then the 3 left and i met up wif my Dad (and he had his tea) then I asked for money to buy that halter top. Only RM 32 – 50% off from RM64. U think that’s expensive? It’s an Esprit piece for goodness sake! Hehe!! Then we took the LRT back to Kelana Jaya to try to take the Free Shuttle bus from the Kelana Jaya LRT station to IKANO which is very near my hse.

It wuz fun going out to town (which i seldom do) even though my feet hurt like hell…coz i wore a strapless sandle which is NOT FUN to walk around in coz there is no support for the back part. But…at least i bought a new sexy top. hehe!! Only thing is…i cant go out clubbing here to wear it :'( *boo hoo*

Anyway, here’s the pic of that sandle. Took it when i first bought it and wuz totally bored. Next time if im going out, im juz goinna stick to sport shoes lah. Or at least something with support at the back.


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