I want you to want me….i need you to need me

I went out yesterday for lunch wif emy & xmen. Got a last minute call at 11 am :P so i rushed outta d hse to get to KLCC. Ate a heavy lunch at Burger King…sponsered by emy. Thanks! :D So long never eat burger king…mayb like 6-7 months now. LOL!

Then went back to KJ and met wif an online fren. We went to sunway, drank at coffee bean and watch movie. The movie – Aviator – was utterly boring that i dont even want to review it. BUT I really really enjoyed myself. Thanks for everything! *hugz*

Wuah..i like to kena massage…so best..feel like so lega after that. I slept like a baby :D

On another note : Msia lost 4-1 with Indo in the semifinals tiger cup. Stooopid!! who loses so badly on home ground!!!! they won 2-1 against indo in indonesia. lerr….but i cant comment much la..i didnt watch d game. Was out :P

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