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Identity Theft

I was watching Season 3 of Las Vegas and there’s this one episode titled “Big Ed De-Cline” where all of Ed’s money was stolen by identity thieves.

Then I remembered reading an article saying how dangerous paying using a credit card is. Imagine this: You want to pay your bill in a restaurant so you give your credit card to the waiter then all you have to do is sign. But what you don’t know is that the waiter might have copied all your information down. Thus he can steal your identity, pose as you and use the credit card online. And sometimes, you might not even realize it until its too late.

Here’s where lifelock comes in. It offers protection against identity theft by quickly stopping identity thefts and alerting you if there is any fraud connected to your identity. Best part is, if you lose your wallet,they’ll even automatically cancel all your affected accounts and proceed with getting replacements for your cards.

Perhaps Ed Deline should have gotten lifelock so he wouldn’t be in so much trouble eh?

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