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I’m cranky and irritable

Yes, what’s new. Especially now that I’ve got tons of work to do. I’m feeling cranky and irritable.

I’m home alone for four days, from yesterday till Saturday. My family went to Jakarta. They’re having a ball of a time over there. The reason I couldn’t go was because I have a deadline this Friday. Its actually a good thing I didn’t go coz I had to go and pick up my exam slip this week.

So yesterday I sent them off at KLIA then dropped by Cyberjaya then went back to Kota Dsara, then he called and asked if we could meet up so I shot off straight to his place (a 40 min drive), went for dinner there. Then I got a call from Aree asking us to play Catan so we went home, took a shower then wen to her place and ended up going home at 2.30am.

Woke up so early this morning to send him off then cleaned up the house – washed all the dishes (the family left with a pile of dishes for me to clean), washed all my clothes and the clothes that’s been left soaking (also left for me to settle), and cleaned my toilet which has been dirty for some time. LOL

*He* tak jadi to come back this evening. He wanted to go back home to rest and do laundry. Like he can’t do it at my house la? Perhaps I’m too much of a distraction? Well, it would hv been nice to tell me earlier like this morning so that I won’t be hoping as much and feeling cranky now.

Oh, and to make matters worst, it rained again this evening while I was sleeping so all my clothes are wet. And it happened also YESTERDAY. Dammit!

p/s: I might not be contactable until Friday because I got lots of work to catch up with so when I do sleep, it will be at weird hours and my phone will be on silent.

p.s.s : Can I say that I’m absolutely so jealous my family is in Jakarta? They’re staying in a 2 bedroom service aprtment in one of the most expensive hotels there – The Ritz Carlton (company’s paying for it coz my dad has a meeting/conf there).

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