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Impromptu Genting Trip

This is going to be a kind of photoblog coz I’m a bit lazy to type. LOL!

Anyway, he suddenly told me that he had leave on Thursday so then we kinda made a last minute decision to go up to Genting. Problem is, we had to leave rather late and I wasn’t sure of the way. Took a really long and dark road going there. I probably took the wrong exit coz I took the Rawang/Btg Berjuntai exit at NKVE. Oh well, important thing is that we sampai rite? Though we reached kinda late :D

Saw some chinese chicks with long stokin belang belang. Thank goodness not those types yg stokin sebelah ada, seblah takda :P He was so fascinated seeing a very FAT Twisties, Cheezels and Milo Nuggets (I really like milo nuggets! and Im so glad they still sell it. But doesn’t taste as nice as before).

That’s supposed to be a picture of me climbing some ladder at the side of a hill. But too blurry – perhaps the photographer was too cold. It was like taken at 2.44am and the air was freezing cold so perhaps that’s why the pic came out blurry :P

Windy, lonely road with a partially built hotel. Perfect place for a set of a horror movie if you ask me. Taken from the 17th flr, First World Hotel (eh, or was it 16th).

A pic of a man-made waterfall. Look so peaceful but it was actually so hot. The sun was out but luckily the air was cool tho. Ohh, i found out that he’s scared of heights. LOL! Then I dragged him on most of the rides. Hehe! Poor baby was feeling like vomiting after the ride. Hehehe :P

Anyway, came back quite early because we were tired and its a rather long drive back so we hung out in Curve for a bit then went home :D

Edit: I was disappointed to find out that Starbucks in Genting isn’t open 24 hours :(  All my friends and I thought it was


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