Iphone Anyone?

I think the iPhone is rather cool and fancy looking. With the touch screen and all it seems like a really nice phone. Sadly its kinda too expensive for me. Plus if i want to use it here, I have to unlock it.

There’s this guy in MCnet that’s auctioning off his less than 2 month old 16Gb unlocked iPhone. The price is currently 1680 and has everything in the box including an Invisible shield. This Invinsible Shields are iphone screen protectors that uses the same technology that protects high-speed helicopter blades from dust, dirt and debris.

Unfortunatly, RM1680++ is still too much of a price for me to pay for a phone. :( Now, do they sell those shields for SE K800i?


  • fhamie

    for the 1st model of iphone is quite expensive as the target were actually ppl ranging from 27-38 yr with career. if u were to wait a bit longer, there will be an asian version of iphone that should come out q3 this year, price range slightly cheaper than the 1st one, have check with Apple (brunei) (confirm NOT the China HIPHONE but real iphone). for the shields, i not sure whether se k800i has it

  • Alia


    I wanted to buy one for my phone, but costs about USD29.90 one set. Gila la, tu belum convert. Last last, I asked Don to buy me silicone cover je (which is not available here in Malaysia for my phone – because Malaysian market is tongek)

    And kat Low Yatt oredy got iphone unlocked. Last time I asked it was RM1800+ but my dad got it for free. And he’s using it. Dengki gila :\

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