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Iqbal’s trip to KL

Iqbal Iggy, my fren from brunei came to KL for a media trip so Sids & Andre rang me up to ask if I wanted to go out with them to One Utama. They picked me up in the afternoon from my house. I was shocked to see that there was so many people in front. Iggy and Sids (driver) in the front. Then Andre and three of her other KDU frens were all sitting on each other lap at the back. So in total there was 7 of us squeezed into a Hyundai Getz. I can so imagine the looks of people who saw the car :P I miss those Miri and KK days where we would squish everyone together.

We went for lunch at that No 8 place – where it sells japanese-style noodles. I wouldnt call it Ramen because it looks like normal maggi mee. I had something like mee kering with fried dumplings goyza.

After that we went to Lecka-lecka for some dessert – gelato. Andre had creme brulee – which tasted like honey – and baby blue – blue coloured sweetness. i didnt really taste it. Sids had something peachy. I had the berry dreams (i think). Its nice..not overwhelmingly sweet. Oh Iggy belanja. Thank you iggy *huggles*

After that we went to watch “Cars” at GSC. It really enjoyed the movie even tho the cinema was bloody cold. Worth watching it in the cinema. Even tho it might look a bit childish. I kno Erin someone actually cried out loud in the cinema at the touching part :P


I would be outstation to Seremban tomorrow (and maybe Penang on friday) for a translation job. Kinda nervous coz its the first time I have to do simultaneous translating – meaning that I have to directly translate spoken eng to BM. Would be back in the evenings (because its a day trip only) :P Cant wait for tomorrow nite coz im goin to zouk with my gal pals :D


  • chloe

    lecka lecka is now called gelato something. not cute anymore. i want to say “come lets go get lecka lecka!” because it makes me sound dorkish. haha.

  • isla

    squezzing inside the car huh???
    wah nang sengsara la..
    dah la dpt ku imagine sids nok kecik badannya bsebelah with iggy haha..nang cute la..haha..ingat sik time kita..semangat mok clubbing,sanggup squezz..dah la kancil gik ya..miss those days la..

  • Seryna

    hehehe… I can imagine!!! Just like d old days… Except in Miri once in a while we can cater a whole bus for our own use. Ingat tak we all went to watch Matrix 3? Only in Miri can we cater a whole bus to go to town & back to watch movie! ;p

  • Iced Nyior

    @ chloe
    yea I dont like its new name, much cooler to say “lecka-lecka”

    @ ima
    laa….which part did u cry? :P

    @ isla
    haha remember the time everyone got drunk and i had to drive back to littak’s house even tho i didnt kno the way and had no license? lol!

    @ miriguy
    yea…fat ikan sardins…lol

    @ Ser
    oh yea….i remember that, first time in my life to rent a bus to town and back. haha…plus it wasnt that expensive after all

  • isla r our saviour ba..haha..ingat juak ko pasal nya..
    dah la ko nervous mbak, maseh ku ingat camne ko drive masanya..sempat g menjerit haha..

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