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I’ve got my OWN computer back

Yay~! I’ve got my own PC back from the shop. Apparently the motherboard got spoilt. No idea how…..must be all that moving around…and stupid MAS cargo dont understand the word “Fragile”.

There was once that I checked-in in the Miri airport and as my computer box was moving down the conveyer (sp?) belt and it actually fell sideways (from horizontal to vertical) and no one cared! Me and my friends who were watching were like….oooh *suck breath in*
[Pic : Acer RC900. Credits to Acer(M)]

Anyway, the cost of the repair was about RM500, lucky my dad didnt make a lot of noise coz he understands the fact that I bring my computer around alot :)

OH yes, i also bought a Final Fantasy X-2 poster for RM9 (pricey? i dont think so) The pic on the right is not the real poster. it’s just a rough idea of how it looks like…coz I dont have my digital camera to take a pic :) It now stuck outside my bedroom door. So nice! :P

I was onlining in my room when my sis asked me to go out quickly to watch TV. Apparently the Hosts of the weekday 8TV Quickie decided to dress up as each other. OMG!! So funny! Marion dressed up as Adam and Adam looked like a DRAG QUEEN!

[pic of Adam & Marion fooling around with a cup. Credits to 8TV]

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