i’ve realized

i realized that no matter how i feel inside, i always portray a cheerful & happy front to the world. this leads ppl to believe i have a carefree life. Well, it isnt always like that. At times i do feel down

I realized that it’s a bit hard for me to approach strangers here in KL. Approaching strangers here meaning to make friends, esp in uni. Even the online friends I meet say that I’m quiet and take time to warm up before I actually start talking. People I know from Kota Kinabalu and Miri would never believe you if you told em I was quiet.

I realized that I’m very impulsive. I always always do and say things before thinking, which has gotten me into many minor mishaps. My recent (one month ago) major impulsive move is pulling me into two. I regret not thinking properly before making that move but I do not regret my situation now after that move. However, I cant really say im 100% happy with my situation now

I realized that I like to be pampered and be loved (doesn’t every one?) I like small gestures such as putting my hair behind my ear, or someone to give my hand a reassuring squeeze, or someone to genuinely ask “How’s your day?” and probe in a concern way when I answer “its ok.” This applies to friends and lovers.

I realized that being in a long distance relationship is hard for me because of not having the physical presence of that someone. I’m someone who would always doubt and wonder what is that someone else doing? Is he playing around with someone else? I realize that being single and lonely is sometimes better than being attached. I realized that I’m a little flirty – but with restraints of course.

I realize that I always realize the consequences of everything only AFTER I do it.

…Be Delish…

My current Obsession: DKNY – Be Delicious.

I have always liked fruity scents since i was younger. Before it was Body Shop’s Spirit of Moonflower, it was my signature scent then. Everyone knew it was my favourite. Then I like the bodyshop collection of perfumes (the one you can mix & match) – not all, but most of it. Then i switched to Davidoff- Cool Water and am currently halfway thru the bottle coz i only use it for special occasions.

I love this DKNY perfume..so fruity and nice…even after a few hrs (of walking all around midvalley) it smelled nice after combining with my natural odour. I wana get this! i want! i want!


I really like the colour of this pic and how its nicely blurred :D what do u guys think?

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