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July already

In the blink of an eye, its already July. Im sick today,
sore throat and flu. Yesterday, I went karaoke-ing with some friends at around 4
pm then we had dinner at Road House before going to lepak till 2 sumthing at
Bora in Ampang.

On a sad note, my abang angkat in Miri had been promoted to
branch manager, meaning that he is going to be permanent there even tho he’s
based in KL previously. I was kinda hoping that he would be transferred back
here.. We used to hang around and talk about all sorts of things. And he was
very protective of me and caring. I miss him a lot.

My other abg angkat in KK has applied to work at the
Sarawak government (he’s Sarawakian too) so he might be moving to Kuching in
Sept. Depends on whether he’s accepted or not. My two best friends, Grace and
Lola, are there too. Grace is studying in UiTM and Lola is working in Miri.
Seems like everyone I hold dear is at/going to Sarawak.

I want to go back :(

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