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KDU & Date movie

Wanted to go to the gym yesterday but had to wait for a call from the TM guys about my internet. Manatau they never ended up calling.

So i went to OU to meet up with Pam, Sid, Andre, Cass & Sam (all budak KDU). Met up with them at Secret Recipe. Then went to buy tickets for Date Movie. Before the movie started, we went to the arcade to play games. LOL! really macam budak la playing the drum game, the shooting game and the Photo Hunt game.

The movie was kind of lousy. Should have just got the cd/dvd instead. The movie is kind of like scary movie (which makes fun of horror movies) but it makes fun of date movies such as “Bridget Jones’ Diary”, “The Wedding planner”, “hitch”, ect. The spoofs were not as funny as I expected after watching the trailer. In fact, most of it was kind of lame. Plus it was all jumbled up together in no specific pattern due to the multiple scenes from other movies. Rating : 1 out of 5 stars

p/s: yesterday’s sit down session was (to me) more of a ‘shoot fi’ session. But anyway, things have been resolved, which is good………i guess

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