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Kick Off Time and Dates for Euro 2008

Isn’t it annoying to have to figure out the times and date in Malaysian time for international events such as football matches? Well, no worries now because I’m providing you with a timetable based on Malaysian Time for the EURO 2008 matches. Yep, download your own Jadual Waktu Perlawanan EURO 2008 here! There’s also an empty space to put down the results :D

The first game will be kicking off on Sunday 8 June at 00:00 hrs and it will be Switzerland vs Czech Republic in Basle followed by Portugal vs Turkey at 02:45 in Geneva. All of the games in Euro 2008 are either at 00:00 hrs or 02:00 hrs Malaysian time.

(Note : Malaysian time is GMT+8 which is two hours later than Swiss time which is GMT+2)

Guys should download it because well, they’re guys. And so that they don’t miss a game. Girls shld download it to make sure your guy is not lying when they say, “I’m busy tonight, there’s a game.” Or maybe you have your eyes set on this hunk who is obsessed about Euro 2008, so now you have a topic of conversation, eg “So where are you watching the Portugal vs Turkey match tonite?”. Hehehe!

Please Click any of the links below to download the EURO 2008 timetable (PDF)
Sila tekan mana pautan di bawah untuk memuatturun Jadual Waktu Perlawanan EURO 2008 (PDF)

(1) Download via Rapidshare —-> HERE

or / atau

(2) Direct Download / Muat Turun : [download#1#size]

Credit to Geek-kO.

Get updated results for the Euro 2008 matches HERE. Dapatkan Keputusan Perlawanan Euro 2008 di SINI.


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