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KLUE Urbanscapes

Picture taken from Nick’s blog. Go see more pics there

Gladys and I went to KLUE Urbanscapes for a bit on Saturday at KLPAC, Sentul West around 4pm – mainly to go see what they were selling in the Marketplace, we’re big fans of these flea market kinda things. We couldn’t stay long anyway coz she had plans around 7pm.

For one thing, the parking was terrible. I had to pusing2 a few times before finding parking at this field which was bumpy. Another thing was the marketplace should have been planned out better – coz it was all stuffy and packed. And it was oh so HOT HOT HOT! Everyone was sweating buckets out there.

I bumped into the Persetankan (DFJJ) group (sorry tak ingat nama semua org – Jasmine, Bali, Ikmal, err..siapa lg?) who were sitting relaxing at the side of KLPAC, Su Ann happily shopping with her bf, Carmen and noticed a few bloggers (whom I’m not close to). Omar dtg lambat, kalo tak leh jumpa. Nik Ryu, Ariff and gang were inside but it was rather packed so I decided against going inside (plus also didn’t have much time).

The Random Acts (facebook link) people were there too, doing their Rob thingy. This is where people were walking around looking for someone – screaming out his name, tapping random ppl and asking them. Hehe! Caused a lot of puzzled looks. Funny!

Besides all the goodies for sale – there were bags, and clothes, and wallets and handmade stuff and bangles, accessories, necklaces, hats, bikinis – there was also baked goodies – I spotted Wondermilk with their cupcakes – and a booth of drinks. They even had beer! (tho it was RM12/can)

There was also an outdoor acoustic stage by the lake. That was really nice

Honestly, I didn’t quite enjoy myself there. Perhaps it was the rather cramped space and the heat (I can’t stand heat). Perhaps it was also some people who were there just for the sake of being there and looking cool. “Pretentious” said G. Perhaps I’m just not ‘hip’ enough for this kinda crowd. LOL!

Anyway, it was a really great effort by KLUE – first arts fest of it’s kind I think. Perhaps next time it could be done in a bigger venue?

p/s: No pics from me because it seems that every young person with a DSLR was there. LOL!

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  • Dakjaat

    waaaaaaa~ (mulut terngaga sikit .. hahaha) canteknyer blog … nak layout ni boleh tak? hehehehehe! bagi la ek …. nnti saye belanje incik makan cendol kat putrajaya … ehekz! ;p

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