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Kuching – Day 1

We left the house around 4.30pm to catch our flight at 6.30pm. My dad drove down to KL and parked our car there and checked in. My dad already book the seats but apparently more than 90% of the ppl checked in oredi so we all had seperate seats :(

The flight was okay. Food sucked tho. And i noticed that M*S was really cutting cost. The cutlery was mere plastic (it was metal before) and the cups for tea/coffee used to be of hard plastic but now its like really thin plastic and slighty smaller.

We arrived at around 9pm. Kuching’s new airport is quite nice, all brightly lighted up and quite organized. We snapped a few pics at the airport




My aunt and cousin picked us up and we proceeded to their house and changed into something more comfortable and went to eat kuay chap for supper. Its a flat/squarish rice flour noodle, cooked in brownish broth with meat – stomach, chicken feet – and usually with half a boiled egg. Apparently quite popular in Penang also.


From left : My sis, cousin, nephew, uncle, sis, mom, aunt, cousin & I. Dad behind the camera

Look out for more updates on my trip in Kuching!


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