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Lasagne & Earrings

I went all the way to class today then found out I didnt have classes so had to go back and cook lunch for the girls at home. Decided to make lasagne, stopped by at Tesco to grab some ingredients and went back.

Had a willing slave helper [“Will work for lasagne” ~Garfield] to help me wash dishes & cut onions as i prepared the lasagne. Fried diced bombay onions, added the minced beef sampai masak, then added tomato paste (puree) before adding oregano & basil. Melted some butter in a pot, add flour, add milk & add cheese to make cheese sauce. Layered lasagne sheets, meat & cheese sauce in 2 pyrex pans and bake for 30-40 mins at 180 degrees celcius.

Lasagne Lunch
Before and after. Left one is slightly burnt over-browned

And there 2 have 2 yummylicious lasagne. Nick took some back for Erin and the girls and I had lunch. Still a lot left tho.. :P
I went to buy new earrings again last week :P Damn cheap la at central, its like RM10 for 5 pairs. My earring holder is full oredi, need to make another one…or buy a bigger frame :P

Earring Craze
Earring Craze


  • chloe

    yumm i love lasagne. but i prefer to be the one eating it, not cooking it. =)

    woah. i’ve never heard of an earring frame. i just chuck mine everywhere.

  • coco

    @ put
    The one of the left is the baked on, the one on the right is unbaked

    @ chloe
    i like your name. I made the frame myself, juz put wiremesh onto a simple frame. I dont like my earrings to get all tangled up

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