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last weekend

i’ve been wanting to blog this post since Sun morning but I never got round to doin it.

Thursday nite – Liz (not real name) & Aree said they were going to zouk today so I asked a guy friend of mine to bring me as well. So he picked me up around 12.30pm (he was late coz a fren of his borrowed his car) so we reached Zouk after 1 am. He paid for my entry fee (RM30 + 1 drink). I had 2 drinks and he had coke. He was nice…a good dancer…protective and took care of me well in the club. We went mamaking after that and i got back around 6 am :P

Friday – stayed at home sleeping and onlining. My abg angkat (A) arrived in KL and is staying for a week plus.

Sat – A smsed me at 10.30 pm and wanted to bring me out pubbing wif his friends at Finnigans, Sri Hartamas. Reached thr around 11.30-midnite. If you saw a gal with around 6 guys, sitting and drinking at Sri Hartamas, that was me :P

Never drank so much as that nite. A brought an unopened bottle of Vodka Kurant (berry infused vodka – wonderful fruity smell, nice taste too) and we finished it with lime. The guys (even A) was pretty impressed that i could hold my drink. Then a bottle of JW Black label was opened. i’ve drank jw+coke before once but didnt quite like it. The guys insisted that coke was the wrong mix and proceeded to pour me a glass of jw+ginger ale which was surprisingly quite nice. When the jw was about 2/3 finished, we decided to switch pubs.

went down to this other pub nearby, within walking distance. I forgot the name but they played all oldies. A whole bottle of chivas was produced and we were drinking that with ginger ale. By that time i was really high so i controlled my drinks because i didnt want to get drunk.

A & I left early and we mamaked and talked till morning, had breakfast, then went home.

I’ll miss A when he goes back to miri :(

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