Left behind at the highway

I was lepaking at a friend’s place helping to finish up some assignments when he sent me back early in the morning because we felt hungry also. So there we were goin through the Jalan Duta toll into the NKVE highway and wanting to exit at the Kota Damansara tol. Some distance after the tol,there’s a bend then the road cuts through some hills. That road is a rather lonely and usually only lorries pass that area.

About 5 minutes after the toll, i noticed someone standing at the side of the road :shock: , and i said to my fren, “eh its a lady!” He noticed her too, and stopped some distance away. He said “if it was just me alone I wouldnt stop but since u’re with me then its ok.” He reversed a bit and i winded the window down and asked, “Kak nak pegi mana?

lonely highway at night
Lonely Highway (Picture from Stock.xchng – free stock photos)

She said she wanted to get back to Bangsar. After asking my fren if it was ok if we sent her back, he said “masuklah, kita hantar u balik“. Apparently she was fighting with her friends and she said something like “kalo u tak suka, u letak i kat sini je la” (SO not a smart thing to do) and they stopped the car and actually dragged her out of the car and left. And she was crying saying that she didnt even know where she was and how to get back. :sad:

So we exited at the Damansara and proceeded to Bangsar with me as the navigator coz my fren is hopeless with roads :|. On the way we noticed her accent was ‘different’ and then my fren asked “You dari mana? Sarawak ke?” and apparently she was a Kuching gal. And so we (her and I) were talking a bit in Sarawakian (its been ages since i last spoke Sarawak malay).

After sending her back (plus a stop at a gas station for directions and her insisting that I took her number) we were on our way to makan at Nasi Kandar at Bangsar.

Me : So naper tanak amik dier kalo u sorang dlm kereta?
Fren : Eh manatau bila i stop pastu ada kawan2 dier panjat dari longkang ke semak kat tepi tu pastu nak curi keta I ke, buat benda tak elok ke…
Me : Imaginasi u tinggi sgt la *hahaha* :lol:
Fren : So, lesson of the day, jgn jadi mabuk.
Me : Drunk? camner u tau?
Fren : Masa dier masuk dah i bau
Me : Really? I tak perasan.
Fren : U mesti la tak perasan..sbb dah sebati dgn diri you :twisted:
Me :…… (cis!)

Anyway i think it was totally evil and inhuman of her friends to leave her there. Even if u’re so pissed off at her, leave her somewhere where there are people lah, a kedai mamak, a gas station or bus stop or something.

Lucky I always got good friends when I go out clubbing…(plus its too expensive kinda hard to get me drunk :roll: ).


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