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Lepaking @ Pavilion

The decorations in Pavilion – the quality is a little lousy coz I MMS-ed it from my phone to the laptop I was using :P

I finally got to eat my JCo Donuts. Yeye! Wanted to try it out since I saw it at Sunway some time ago but the line was bloody long and my friend refused to let me line up for it. Anyway, not much difference from Big Apple. Ohh, whats different is they got this berry thingy that has strawberry icing and filled with berry cream, sweet and slightly sourish. But my fren ate most of it :/

Pavillion’s decorations this Feb is really nice lah. Its like a Valentine and Chinese New Year theme. Bunches of red flowers hanging from the ceiling. Speaking of CNY, I need to go shopping for baju la. But I haven’t seen anything that caught my eye. For some reason when I go back to my mom’s hometown I feel like I have to dress up to compete with my cousins. Don’t know why, but I feel like I have to look nice la when I go back. Going back..sigh. Its been ages I think. I don’t really like going back coz of the language barrier – I understand a bit of cantonese but can’t really talk it. Yea I know, Im a banana.

Speaking of Pavillion, its been a while since I’ve been to Starbucks. they changed their serviettes (yer vankel, i panggil serviettes, bukan tisu. Tisu tabes, lembut sgt. Serviettes best..keras2 skit. hihihihihi). Yea i know, so sakai rite? Ohh..btw I really like the Starbucks bear lah. Wish to have a collection mcm kawan wadhi.

Nak belikan utk i ke?


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