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Life sucks

I was planning on writing a pretty interesting blog bout my day in Midvalley yesterday but I got into a really big fight with my parents. Then I ended up saying that Miri wuz a lot better. Then they said “Go back there then!!”

Well, I for one cannot hear a challenge without accepting it. And that, to me is a challenge. My first thought wuz going to sort of “run away” to Miri one of these days (I wuz planning today but decided to think about it first).

There is a flight tomorrow (fri) at 8.30 pm. Ticket cost is RM 433 but I have a Student Membership card for 25% off, meaning it’s 324.75 .Loads of money but I have an open ticket for any domestic flight worth Rm 600 which would be able to cover my flight expenses.

Downside, i dont know what my parents reaction would be if i secretly left. And we’re planning of going to Bangkok this Sat (which I’m not interested in already).

Upside, I can get away from living here…which i hate coz I dont have friends or anything to do. Life here sucks! In Miri, I have a place to stay (my former hse which i’m still renting coz already signed a contract) and food isnt a prob bcoz i still have money in my bank account.

The only question is how to get to the airport. I can either follow a fren (which d chances are very slim) or take a taxi from my condo to Taman Bahagia LRT station then take an LRT (Light Rail Transit system) to KL central and take an express to KLIA. The lrt to KL Central is quite cheap. From KL Central to KLIA it’s around rm45.

Wondering if i should go or is it irrational??

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