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Lighting in 3d

I went for my 3ds presentation yesterday. I have a robot-like character in a box. The story is, the character wakes up and stands up and walk towards the door. He (or rather, it) tries to open the door using the door knob but its locked. Then it takes a chainsaw and tries to saw the door down. He fails. Then he gets an axe and tries to chop it down. Finally he decides to run and push against the door.

So anyway, I showed it to my lecturer the other day. He said it was okay but my animation was a bit too slow :( I lost around half marks for that. The other major thing that was missing in my animation was lighting. I didn’t have enough lights to brighten up my scene so the scene looks dull and rather plain. Another thing was I didn’t have any lights inside my box so the robot was dark. He encouraged me to use spotlights – in real life it would be something like Golights – to shine on the robot.

I think that lighting is very important in 3d, especially if you’re creating something realistic. This is because you have to ensure that all the shadows and stuff are correct – just like in real life.

Still so much work to be done on my project. *sigh*

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