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Long sleep, long weekend

First of all I would like to apologize to people who tried to message me via YM or MSN last nite. And also to those who called me and SMSed.

I was soo tired the past week as usual lah that I slept early last nite. i think i dozed off around 8pm or so. And when I was sleeping, time tu la byk org sms/call.

Got an sms from Pam asking if we were going to bangkok jazz but din answer it. she called but I couldnt make out what she said so I went back to sleep.

Incik pokiah called oso but i think he knew from my groggy voice that i was sleeping so he juz let me be.

Then M smsed but i din reply so he finally called me around 3am..after that i juz rolled over at went back to sleep

Got up refreshed at 8am, went to take a shower, cleared my table a little (its an absolute mess) and read blogs while waiting for Nick to pick me up at 9.20am coz erin has class at 10am. Am now in uni, waiting for my class to start at 1.30pm. I can hear my lunch (i tapau-ed lunch from home) – Thai green curry & rice – calling out my name…time to eat.

Have a great weekend people :D

p/s: Tak sangka plak ada komen makcik nie kat blog nih.


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